8 June 2013

Professional profile: Ceroc Australia’s Mark Harding

Mark HardingDirector of Ceroc Australia Dance Company, Mark Harding established Ceroc as a successful, thriving dance style in Australia in the early 1990s and has never looked back.

Ceroc is a Modern Jive partner dance, fusing the Latin and Jive genres, and is danced to a wide variety of modern music, with broad appeal to all age groups. Classes and workshops are rotational, ensuring friendly social interaction and making newcomers feel welcome through meeting other dancers from their first lesson.

Mark's dance career spans over more than two decades of teaching throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK. His choreographies have been staged in numerous productions, including his own Sizzle 2001 – 2003, through to dance fundraisers that have raised over $35,000 for charity, and Ceroc Australia's annual balls (the next one coming up at the end of this month!).

Ceroc Australia also comprised the largest adult group of participants at the 2000 Olympic Games' opening and closing ceremonies, as well as participation in the 2003 World Cup Rugby ceremony.

Originally practising as a successful accountant with Price Waterhouse, Mark has blended his dancing and accounting careers by not only ensuring the thriving success of Ceroc Australia Dance Company, but also offering his customers in the business community professional accounting solutions with current trends in accounting systems.

Alongside his passion for dancing and dedication to his accounting clients, Mark's personal popularity is reflected in they way he interacts with the dance community, always finding time to dance with his students during social practice, or at the frequent Ceroc Australia dance parties on offer every month throughout Sydney.

Mark Harding's Ceroc Australia website can be visited at www.cerocaustralia.com.au

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