22 October 2018

Forget Face Creams – Dancing Is The Best Anti-Ageing Secret

Is it any wonder that dance athletes and social dancers are happy, well-adjusted people? Well established medical and scientific research shows that the best therapy for anti-aging and personal well-being is movement to music in rhythmic patterns. From tribal dancing through to modern day dance styles, the human brain stays younger and healthier when engaged in regular dancing. Physical fitness is also best served through dancing as opposed to many other forms of traditional exercise. And last but not least are the social benefits of belonging to a community of mutually supportive individuals, happy to share their love of music and movement. We encourage you to keep sharing your love of dance with friends, family and your local community.
We leave you with a short science video clip currently being circulated that speaks for itself. 

2 June 2018

Recreational Dance Wear To Make You Look Sensational

Recreational Dancewear is a term that applies to what ballroom and latin dancers starting out in their DanceSport competition journey can wear on the competition floor. Judges of the Recreational division focus on competitors’ dancing (including technique and floor craft) rather than what the dancers are wearing. That said, every recreational competitor wants to look their best, which in turns impacts on their level of confidence. Recreational dancewear is restricted to day time outfits, including skirts, tops, or dresses for ladies, and pants, shirts and vests for men. Dance shoes are always recommended, with suede soles. Distinguishing what is within the Recreational guidelines can be tricky, and dance teachers can help in the selection process. GlamourDance offers an extensive range of recreational dance wear, designed to ensure that dancers have room to move and look the part on the competition floor. 
Here are some suggestions:
Peter Shirt
Waterfall Skirt

17 March 2018

The Importance of Practice Shoes and Dancewear

From shoes to skirts and tops, hours of training and social dancing is best done in absolute comfort and style. Ensuring you have “room to move” in your dancewear means purpose made designs in stretch fabrics. 
Latin dancing calls for shorter skirts with less volume than their ballroom counterparts. Tops and men’s shirts should stay “tucked in”, and are ideally designed as bodysuits with crotch clips for ease of wear. Practice shoes are secure, with a wider heel base and lower height than performance shoes. 
GlamourDance offers a wide choice of comfortable, stylish practice wear to make your long hours of training and social dancing as much fun as being under the competition and performance spotlight.
Dance Shoes and Dancewear for Latin and Ballroom

17 February 2018

SATD Launches 2018 Competition Year in Sydney

Get your entries in for the first Sydney SATD March Titles competition on Sunday 11 March at Wenty’s Leagues Club. GlamourDance will be there with our latest range of dancewear, shoes and accessories. SATD competitors earn loyalty card points to win a variety of prizes, including free entry to events and private dance lessons. This competition has no restrictions in Pro-Am, Individual, Social and Novelty events, and no restrictions on the use of open or relaxed armlines in New Vogue events, recently removed by the Australian Dancing Board from its rules. That means everyone can be as creative as they like, bringing greater joy to their audience.
Leading up to the SATD March Titles, everyone can enjoy some social dancing at SATD’s Valentine’s Day Afternoon Tea Dance on Sunday 18 February from 2.30pm-5pm at Club Condell Park in Bankstown. Dance in air conditioned comfort with great dining facilities at the club.

1 September 2017

Choosing The Right Dance Shoes – Our Tips

It’s been said that well-fitting dance shoes should reflect a seamless extension from a dancer’s legs. Designed to be feather-weight whilst fully supporting your weight, proper fitting dance shoes are a tool in aiding you to keep balanced while you dance. Hence the choice of heels and designs for male and female dancers. There is little point in investing on dance shoes unless you are also prepared to invest time in assessing what works for your particular feet. Catering for width, insteps, bunions and toe shapes means that one style may not necessarily work for everyone. That makes online shopping for dance shoes in untested brands a challenge. No wonder that seasoned competitors and professionals tend to stick to reputable brands and styles that have worked best for them over time. That said, it’s also important to be aware that feet may change with age, calling for a different fitting, brand or style. A seasoned competitor at a recent event decided to try on a wider fitting GlamourDance shoe with a lower heel, and reacted by saying “I’ve waited 30 years for a shoe that truly fits with absolute comfort, and this is it!” Our elated customer wore her new shoes straight into her next event, and reiterated her endorsement upon coming off the dance floor. The moral of the story is to keep your options open as time passes, and ensure your feet receive the best care you can give them so your dancing can always excel in absolute comfort. To your happy feet!

25 August 2017

Heel Protectors: To Use Or Not To Use?

Heel protectors will make a difference to the way you dance, and are compulsory on most competition dance floors as well as many dance studios.

Heel protectors:

  • Grip the floor and give you better traction; 
  • Protect the heels on your valuable shoes; 
  • Protect pristine dance floors from being scratched. 

Heel stoppers come in varying sizes to fit the shape of each heel, such as stiletto, slim, contour or flare.

After years of coming across all sorts of weird and wonderful heel shapes, we are proud to have expanded our range of heel protectors to cater for most heel types for your dancing comfort. It is still highly recommended that you show us your dance shoes to see what works best, as there are so many variations to be considered. To your happy feet!

2 June 2017

Thank You For Believing In Us For The Past 13 Years

Proudly Australian, GlamourDance was established in 2004 and remains under the leadership and management of original director Cecilia Castle. Our continued support of the dance industry has established strong networks in Australia and New Zealand, making us a household name that benefits you, our customers. 
We are sincerely grateful to our business colleagues, dance studios,event organisers, supporters behind the scenes, family, friends, and YOU, our loyal customers, for your ongoing loyalty and support. Together we have interacted to make a positive contribution to the dance industry, increasing its sense of enjoyment, and introducing new people to this inimitable sport. We welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback to continue to improve our services and make a difference. For without you, GlamourDance would not exist. May our 13th birthday be a celebration of your success!