15 July 2012

What do Ceroc and Cha-Cha have in common?

Yes, they do both start with the letter C, but
if you said they share the same rhythm, you'd be right. I recently had the pleasure of dancing with someone who had learned both styles, and blended them intermittently to the same song on a freestyle basis. The cha-cha rhythm enabled us to seamlessly move from one style to the other, and it was delightful!

Cha-cha has more complex and syncopated footwork, but Ceroc moves offer more visual treats and tricks from the waist up. Learning and blending both styles is simply heavenly. Ceroc has the added benefit of being able to be danced to various other rhythms, whilst cha-cha is taught alongside other latin dances of the same genre, namely samba, rumba, jive and the paso doble.

One of the largest Ceroc companies in Sydney is Ceroc Australia. This is where I first became a dance addict for partner dancing many years ago, meeting some wonderfully talented dancers who are still there today. Ceroc Australia has venues all over Sydney, and the rotational classes mean that you can turn up on your own without the need to bring a partner. Lessons are followed by social dancing, allowing students to practice what they have learned and make new friends.

Cha-cha lessons are on offer at every Latin and Ballroom studio, so a geographical search in your vicinity is the best starting point. You will also learn the sensuous rumba, exotic samba, energetic jive, and take up the challenge of the Spanish paso doble in the more advanced classes.

Here's wishing you a fabulous Dance journey!

Cecilia Castle

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