12 May 2017

Age Not A Barrier To Competition Dancing

What are the odds of achieving in sport? Luck aside, it’s a given that solid training and good coaching are key to success in climbing the Everests of sports achievement.
In the sport of dancing there are established age divisions for competitors to slot in and achieve fairer outcomes. These age divisions are designed to take into consideration various physical attributes such as strength and flexibility, to allow dancers to compete in an even playing field. In recent years, DanceSport has created a Masters 3 category for competitors over 60 years who previously had to compete in Masters 2 against dancers aged 35 and over. Now, Octogenarians are rallying for their own over 70s division, and the numbers are swelling. Is it time for Masters 4 to be launched in DanceSport

We leave you with an inspiring video of what we could all still be doing in our 90s. 

 Team Glamourdance

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