3 January 2017

The Year That Was

2016 has seen a number of changes and a whirlwind of challenges facing the dance industry. Some businesses have closed, others reinvented themselves, and dancers rightly continue to demand excellence of service and value for money.  Rising to the challenges, the industry as a whole has remained heavily invested in ensuring our dance community thrives and survives through creative means.

GlamourDance, too, has continued to evolve in 2016, and meaningfully engaged with you, our readers and customers, to ascertain how to best enhance our contribution to the continued growth and expansion of the industry. This has resulted in new products and expanded services to happy customers. We have thoroughly enjoyed travelling around Australia and New Zealand and personally meeting you, the dancers, their families, studio owners, and association directors and members.

The advent of 2017 brings with it new challenges and exciting changes. We trust that industry leaders will affirmatively stand united and herald the new year with a generous sense of commitment to supporting everyone that participates in our dance universe. The diversity of ideas, business models, and creative strategies, like the dance genres that continue to evolve, are worthy of support, as they contribute to the growth and well-being of our dance community as a whole.

We wish to sincerely thank you for your support, encouragement and patronage of our products and services this year. We look forward to strengthening and growing our relationships with everyone in the dance community in 2017.

All of us at team GlamourDance wish you and yours a very special and unique festive season, filled with happiness and gratitude for the blessings that have come your way this year, and may you look forward to new horizons and exciting challenges for a prosperous year ahead.

To your success! 

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