18 November 2016

Free Dance Classes at GLAMOURDANCE

Most competition dancers don’t start their sporting career as athletes in the making. Most dancers learn to dance for fun and fitness first, and some from a very early age. Once the addiction of dancing through a level of competence and confidence take hold, the temptation and encouragement to compete starts to grow. But competition dancing is not for everyone. Dance athletes are driven, disciplined and focused on goals and outcomes. Social dancers, on the other hand, enjoy the relaxed, social interaction of dancing and learn for fitness, fun and friendship, rather than technical excellence. Both social and competition dancing deliver the same health benefits the sport of dancing has to offer. There are countless personal stories and abounding medical research establishing dancing as being the drug of choice to stave of the onset of many critical illnesses such as strokes, Parkinson’s and dementia. Dancing is fast becoming established as the fountain of youth sport for extended longevity and physical and mental well-being at any age. The key thing is to start, and keep going. Both social and competition dancing deliver untold long-term social and health benefits that impact on the way dancers view and interact with the world at large. The temptation to start learning is there with countless observers tapping their feet on the sidelines while watching others dance. They could do with encouragement to join in and try it out.
GlamourDance remains on track to fulfil its Mission Statement to make a difference to the dance industry and grow the dance community. We invite and encourage non-dancers to participate in our weekly free dance lessons, taught by local professionals (styles rotate monthly). Dance professionals in the vicinity of our Sydney Glebe store are welcome to participate in this community project for the benefit of their studios, the general public, and the dance industry. 

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