17 September 2016

Managing Dance Partnership Breakups

2016 has seen its fair share of dance partnership breakups, including some high profile couples that surprised their long-term followers.  Whilst we on the outside absorb such shock announcements, spare a thought for the actual dancers involved. The breaking up of sporting partnerships is never easy, bringing with it the usual grief that comes from any sea change, and with much soul searching that goes before it. Sports psychology experts recommend couples openly discuss their joint goals and direction before announcing that they have decided to part company. Acknowledging that they are no longer seeking the same outcomes helps not to make each other wrong or feel victimised by the decision. Confiding in close friends also alleviates the heaviness of heart, although it’s important to ensure that such shared confidences do not become external gossip. Finally, as time passes and new horizons emerge, it is important to be grateful for lessons learned, and appreciate that, in the long run, each dancer has become a stronger person.

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