3 September 2016

DanceSport Looks To The Future

DanceSport has been the name given to competition ballroom dancing since 1999, and now, 17 years later, DanceSport CEO Steve Edwards says the future looks bright. “Project 5000 is the main program through which DanceSport continues to gain momentum, having introduced a Recreational Division for new dancers, alongside Medallists who want to consolidate their skills at competition entry level.” We asked Steve Edwards where the sport of dancing was heading, and he stated that “DanceSport is not only a member of the World Dance Federation but also the Australian Olympic Committee, where it is anticipated that DanceSport will become incorporated as an Olympic Sport in the future.” This is an exciting horizon for DanceSport athletes that seek recognition on the world stage, and appears to be ripe for introduction at Olympic level. Through Project 5000, DanceSport provides multiple incentives for competition dancers to continue to improve their skills, with public recognition at all ages and levels, from Recreational to Professional.

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