12 September 2012

Celebrity Profile - Leeanne Bampton

'Dancing With The Stars' Artistic Director Leeanne Bampton started dancing at an early age, having come from a family where both parents have professional dancing careers.

Starting out with classical ballet, Leeanne cross-trained to standard, latin and new vogue dancing as a youngster, achieving the highest levels of recognition in the competition world, both nationally and internationally.

Leeanne became a professional dancer in her 20s, and established the successful Promenade Dance Studio at Erskineville in Sydney. Promenade is a busy studio 7 days a week, developing the skills of dancers that soon turn into high achievers and successful competitors. Often, when winners are announced at competitions, it's not unusual to hear members of the audience comment to each other "that's one of Leeanne's couples".

Leeanne's professional reputation has spread far and wide, making her a highly sought after and well respected adjudicator at Australia's major competitions, such as the National Capital DanceSport Championship and the Melbourne Australian DanceSport Championship. Leeanne is also in high demand to make professional contributions to the television show 'Dancing With The Stars'.

Leeanne travels to America to teach by popular demand on full schedules on a regular basis, making her one of the most popular and successful professionals in the dance industry.

Leeanne is always welcoming of new students, and has weekly group classes that focus on technique and are well attended by students with or without partners.

Leeanne Bampton can be contacted at Promenade Dance Studio on (02) 9517 2968.

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